Monday, 1 December 2008

Comments policy - a problem

Sorry, but I've had to bin a few comments lately.

Comments are a difficult issue. On the one hand, I think that an absence of mechanism for feedback and factual correction is one of the besetting and egregious features that distinguishes propaganda from open rational discourse (and purporting to have such a mechanism, but only publishing friendly comments, is even worse). Any number of alternative health magazines and forums are guilty of this (as indeed are mainstream newspapers). Therefore I have comments enabled.

On the other hand, I'm not letting that stance be misused to game the system: I'll reject posts containing personal insults, libel, copyright breaches and links to sites that breach copyright, comments used as vehicles for promotion or linkspam, etc.

If you have peer-reviewed evidence refuting what I've said, fine.  But I will bin comments that just say I'm wrong and link to sales/promotional sites.
- Ray

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